Book Question Meme

Taken from here

1. What new book coming out soon do you plan to buy?

It’s everyone’s anticipation: Lang Leav’s Sad Girl.  I am so ready for being vulnerable after reading this one.


2. What series is a must read for you?

Adult series never impress me as much as children and young reader’s. There are two series;

  • ‘Bliss Bakery’ trilogy is so far my favorite. It’s a light read bringing you to the world of magic bakery. Despite its easy-to-guess plot detailing the competition between a jealous aunt and her niece, the pace and the development of the story are just right. I always love when an author offers a pristine and ‘visual’ narrative. This trilogy somehow leaves the similar feeling. Fantasy is my least favorite but this is the obvious exception.
  • ‘The Great Five’ or Lima Sekawan by Enyd Bliton.  Don’t ask. JUST READ.

3. What new author have you found so far in this year?

Recently, I have my eye on Han Kang. Looking forward to start reading ‘The Vegetarian’ after finishing Grisham’s Calico Joe.



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