New house and….home

I moved to this (far-from-everyone’s) house two months ago. Mom got this house last year.  Initially, we would begin moving in the end of January, but Dad changed his mind, so we emptied the  house earlier. Not to mention, mom and dad will be busied by UNBK preparations in their school.

Anyway,  the house that I am currently residing initially was a one-story house with 3 bedrooms, pale-painted walls, creaking doors, and an unappealing bathroom. Within 5 months, it’s renovated under my dad’s supervision. So far, this is the most convenient house we’ve ever resided. Cuma 5 menit dari bandara dan sekolah Bapak-Ibu.

Semoga rumah ini beneran jadi “rumah” dimana pembicaraan, doa, dan kumpul sama keluarga benar benar sering dilakukan.

Anyway, dalam triwulan pertama di 2017, ada beberapa hal baik yang mengawali tahun ini:

Being active in social communities

Never did I expect that I would involve in social-based communities. In the beginning of this year, Eka came up with the idea of establishing community which deals with hoaxes. Everyone was cool with this and we directly established a teamwork. In addition, Eka and I are establishing our second project: asissting the orphans. Ini memang bukan ide yang baru tapi kita berharap kalau ada satu-dua anak yang mau belajar seperti kita. I was quite surpised to know ada yang suka dan ingin belajar puisi.

Skor IELTS yang diluar dugaan

Ini salah satu momen paling membahagiakan di tahun ini. I was taken aback when I faced the real test. I thought I messed it up tapi alhamdulillah selamat. Perjuangan selama 1 bulan belajar, nanya temen yang sudah ambil test, dan disertai dengan mual-mual (literally) hampir setiap malam membuahkan hasil.

Someone confessed to me and I said YES

That’s pretty much up summing up things. LOL. Let the rest unrevealed here.


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