Cats; flashnotes

I once pledged to myself that I wouldn’t pet a cat anymore. Not because I hate those cute fur balls, but I can’t stand when they leave me; died. 

Our first cats are named with Jewel in the Palace’s character names. We called them ‘Geum Yong’, ‘Yong San’, ‘Jang Geum’ etc. It’s so Korean-ish for ‘kucing kampung’. I know right. We had 10 cats at the moment. Some neighbours told my parents that we shouldn’t pet more cats or ‘your daughter will be infertile’ they said. But well, I was just 12 to care about that. 

Then, they left us, gradually.

Having cats means being ready to serve ‘the queen’. They don’t care your babytalk. They are hungry, they crave for attention, and they must get what they want. 

So, these two kittens came to my house around 4 months ago. Once we moved to this house, ‘no cats anymore’ is an unwritten consensus that I, particularly, should obey. But, I broke that. 

Fortunately, everyone loves these kittens.

Those meowing faces weaken me. 

My tolerance is ‘untung kalian kucing’ level so I can always tolerate them. 

Yes, no point in this post.



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