June: Ramadhan and What to do

I was away when suddenly my laptop turned into a complete set of Windows 10. I didn’t like the surface, but I don’t know how to revert it back.

Anyway, days ago, I spent my money on books. It’s pretty rare for me to begin reading Sufism. At the same time, my interest for humanism and feminism are  starting to grow bigger as well. I read JP and some alternative journals. I have to admit that maybe this is the ‘reason’ why my phone is broke. To make me productive.

I subscribe to those high-quality articles and they sure entertain me. I write often in Medium and I even tried it in Qureta too. But, when I try to write in English, it leaves me completely blank. There is this insecure feeling that my grammar is not correct, I don’t have relevant ideas and such. I have no idea why I don’t feel freedom in writing in English as much as I write in Bahasa. Maybe I should make myself more accustomed to write here again.

In Monday, we will begin fasting. I really wish that I can do it better as last year, I believe that I did so much wrongdoings that ‘harm’ my fasting. Hopefully, it won’t happen this year.



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