Eleventh Post ?

I know I should have posted more here, but I posted more on Medium instead. Mostly, I post short fiction. I wish I can post a longer one, but nothing comes to my mind.

Well, one of my stress sources is gone. My acne got treated. I don’t mind if it takes months. As long as it’s treated. I can’t eat some foods which unfortunately happens to be my favorites. Just my luck.

The announcement of scholarship is one month left.

For one week, I took charge of doing household as my mom left for Malang and Jakarta. This WAS the first time I cooked by myself. I know it’s exaggerating. But for me, untuk anak gadis yang manja dan selalu bangun kesiangan, it’s like doing something out of my comfort zone. LOL. When people do, like, ‘travelling’, ‘creating new things’, or ‘volunteering’ as their ‘out of comfort zone’ list, doing household is the only one on my list.

I think I should write in English more. Lately, I feel my writing is worse as well as my speaking. Indeed, I haven’t started my intense IELTS preparation yet. Doing this in Ramadhan maybe a good idea.



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