Earning money….and breakout

I am in the “I have to earn money but I don’t want to drag myself out of my house” phase. But, really, I want to be ‘useful’. So, I tried to learn some things; cooking, using microsoft access; translating and many more.

Recently, I updated my Linkedin. I was inferior at first looking at my former school friends, have been here and there, working in prestigious places. But, well, let’s see a CV as your record and motivation. Let it grows along with you achievement no matter how small it is.

I’ve sent the applications. Even though I always say, this is the year of trial, but I wish one of them is accepted. I’ve done my best and let God do the rest.

My breakout is worse. I stop eating instant noodles and go to sleep early. I stop using facial foams. I wish I didn’t care so I could get rid one of my stress source.
Anyway, it marks the second week I can’t use my phone.


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