When you hit twentysomething age

In this blog or my other piece of writing, you must be bored reading ‘I’ve been dreaming to study abroad’. Call me nerd, study geek, or whatever, but I love to immerse myself in books, essay writing, and public lecture.  I really wish to go to Australia for my study. I am fortunate to have supportive parents. Years ago, when I was busy preparing my undergraduate studies, my parents didn’t allow me to take universities outside this city. Even, I wasn’t allowed to take supplementary learning such as university entrance-exam preparation because I was taking Social Science department and they thought it’s enough for me to do self-study. Now, thank God, they truly support me. My mom frequently asks me how far I’ve been preparing the admission. My dad, the one that worries me a lot, finally trusts and supports my decision and I can’t be happier. I should say, this year will be the year of trying. I will try my best and lower my expectation.

Anyway, I spent two days, helping my friends to finish their paper. Most of our study session, as usual, consist of countless gossips or random wisdom of life, mostly about marriage. What?  But, really, when everyone asks me about the concept of marriage…dude, I will sleep on it. My friends have their own ideal concept of marriage, even how they will divide their household share. The talk of marriage has never been cup of my tea. However, this talk will be more common if you hit twentysomething age, and you have to get by after graduating. Sometimes, being adult scares me. Freedom of choosing your path of life is like a two-edge sword, it will either kill or help you. Knowing that your parents will be off the hook gradually means you have to afford yourself, even from the scratch.

Last note.

Dealing with my phone is really frustating. Spending two days to make sure my battery is charging, but it’s futile.

I call it a day.


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