Bedtime: past, current, future

Let’s this prompt rolling.

As I grow older, I notice I have various bedtime ritual from time to time.

  • Past

I set the time when I was still in elementary and junior high school. I rarely slept after 9 p.m. I WAS an early riser. Before I slept, I did my homework. Typically, a student. I listened to radio until I felt sleepy. The only night that I could stay all night was Saturday night and I always anticipated that day knowing there would be good movies aired on TV. My brother would be my companion and we would fall asleep in front of TV. That’s gold.

  • Current

I turned to be a night owl when I was a senior high school student. I was introduced to the world of fandom and it seems internet never satisfied me.  I have to juggle between my school assignment and internet. When I am about to sleep, I think whom I will text tomorrow as I have this bad habit to postpone replying the messages. Also, I will think whether I should fry my noodle or boil it for my breakfast instead…..duh. Ladies and gentlemen, my kind of priorities.

  • Future

I am sure a dreamer or a daydreamer, even I have my own ideal bedtime concept for my future. I really wish to sleep in a high-building with wide windows revealing a breathtaking night views. I wish to live in urban area though. I really wish I will be someone who is more devoted to books in her bedtime. I wasted countless nights stalking celebrities on instagram, scrutinizing other people’s post in my mind. I am a sinful person even before I close my eyes to sleep.




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