Short update

I finished taking my test yesterday morning and it was awful. I messed one of the sections. The only thing that bothers me now if I don’t get the expected score so I have to take another test which means much money and time are required.

Anyway, it has been a year without regular debating practices on Saturday. I miss that a lot. I miss preparing myself to go to UN-Tel every Satuday at 10.00 am. Our practice consists of 60% joking instead of real practising. We force our practice more whenever competition deadlines come near. That’s what makes our bond stronger. We have to support our club both ‘financially’ and ‘mentally’. But, that what makes us us. We grow stronger. I learn to make initiative for people surrounding me. I learn how to make reservation both for travel and accomodation. I learn how to negotiate with stakeholders. That’s the small thing, but matters, I get from debate beside public speaking skill, more organized writing, and widened range of reading. Being involved in a community that shares the same goal like you is always the best to fuel oneself.

Today, we phoned my long-distance, younger brother. He rarely phones us though due to his hectic studying schedule. My grandma (from mom’s side) is sick. She has a heart problem. Indeed, she is 82 y.o. now. I wish her recovery.

Anyway, I made changes here. I changed the theme, uploaded a new header, and put a new logo. I use the photo as my header to remind me. Blogging or writing is always like home. Wherever I am. Whether I stay or wander. I always love clear, sunny sky.

I can’t use my phone for a while as ‘it’ happened again. I can’t charge my phone battery and it sucks.



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