Why I love Michelle Phan–a passionate beauty blogger

Recently, I am so into beauty blogs. Spending hours to see the reviewed products, skin care routine or simply life-advice in these blogs cheer me up. Most of the products are not the ones I typically see in the drugstore in my city. Indeed, they are pricey. However, what I like from these blogs that the beauty bloggers teach us how to be critical when we buy a product. That’s exactly what Michelle Pan’s belief when she was interviewed by one of local magazine in my country. I have been subscribing her channel and reading her blogs from last year and I know I chose the right one. I subscribed others too but Michelle, so far, is my favorite. The reasons:

The appearance of her website and youtube channel




Her Youtube Channel

‘Don’t judge books by its cover’. But, sometimes we just do. I always like colorful, attractive, and minimalist things. That’s what Michelle offers to us. Firstly, I was attracted by the design of blog and videos. Then, I am pretty surprised that she did all of the creative works, such as editing and graphic design, by herself. I can say that the design is so ‘Tumblrish’. My own term to describe a girly style that has been popularized by Tumblr. However, I don’t mean to be rude. That’s the one that does not bore her readers. She puts so much efforts to make the audience focused on her contents as well as amazed by her designs.

Speaking of the contents, of course it’s all about beauty. But what fancies me the most is the concept of wellness and confidence of oneself. Make-up and skin-care routine are sure time-consuming. Her reviews are not only honest based on her own testing but also fact-verified ones. Indeed, she teaches us how to be beautiful followed by beautiful mind, peaceful surroundings, and positive vibes.

‘It’s so personal’

Life advice, self-help, stress-free guidance are so everywhere in the internet. Those self-help articles tend to be a boring listicle one. However, again, it’s the matter of delivery. Seeing this video is like being consoled by your dear friend. You may see this video here.


Her soothing voice is just enough to make us relax. Her words are humble. It’s like as if she is only talking to you. Her other life-lessons also can be seen from her ‘Pillowtalk’ series.

Her efforts comes into a fruition: ’em’ make-up line

What is the best thing in the world? “The best thing in the world is having your hobby paid” – Ridwan Kamil. I have to agree with this point. ‘Payment’ of our hobby is not only earning cash from your work, but also getting various things such as fame, new friend, chance and etc. Her works are finally paid off and she got her make-up line. It’s not a piece of cake effort.  This article records her journey well in case you are wondering.



Through her make-up line, she ensures the tools and materials are fulfilling the need of a customer. For instance, she carefully designed the eyebrow pencil so it can match the eyebrow of Asian women who tend to have thinner eyebrows.

I am bad at choosing closing line.





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