Happy International Women’s Day!

Better late than never, but I want to give my shoutout to all women over the world.

Let us, women, also steal the spotlight!

This post is dedicated to the women whom I admire the most.

My mother

I have to admit this is the most common adoration we always hear of. It’s not like simply because she raised me. I adore my mother as a leader. She works at one private vocational high school as the school principal. Mostly, her students come from middle-to-low economic background family.  She always makes sure every student can finish their study. She had been offered to be transfer to public schools but never did she accept it. She has been comfortable with her current place. I always recall her words, “Teaching them is also helping their parents. So my intention is just that simple”. Also, as a leader, she is tough. She will defend her belief if she thinks it is right. One day, she asked critically about the mayor’s promise to fulfill school needs for facing UN CBT. She did it right by detailing the content of the promise. She did it because she noticed there was an unfair treatment from the responsible institution. She shut the speaking officer up at instant by her critical complaints. She encouraged her teachers and staffs in a friendly manner. She rewarded them with going for karaoke together or simply having a feast in the office after school hours.

Also, I adore her as ‘a mother’. A quality that she possess as a mother. She never dictates me and my brother to be this and that and compares us to those bright children. She always trusts us. In my early years of college, I used to come home late due to intensive debate practices. She doesn’t feel suspicious about what I do and do not. But, ‘the mystery’ is how she makes us feeling so responsible about everything we have done. So, that’s actually how my mother bring us up, we have to bear our own responsibility. She always reminds us, “If you don’t study, the sadness of failure will be yours. I can’t help you.”.

My mother is an English teacher. She is fond of European countries. When I was younger, she used to tell me a lot about the countries that she read through the magazines. She likes Belfast too (happened to be  GoT filming location). Her interest of reading novel is inherited to me as well. She is the one who introduced me to Enid Blyton’s and John Grisham’s works.


The Girls Who Can’t Be…………Named

Actually I am so afraid if they happen to read this piece because it seems I was a creepy stalker, but letting them know they have inspired me won’t hurt. Maybe. Again, let’s play it safe. 

Firstly, I thought the concept of perfection is similar to the concept of beauty. It’s socially constructed. It contains what people’s expectation to us. So, these girls have fulfilled the concept of my perfection. Let’s name them as The First Girl and The Second Girl.

The First Girl

I met her virtually around 9 years ago. We first met in Friendster. I was a rabid fan of Visual Kei music back then. She is older than me. Her profile page looks cool. She speaks good English (and maybe Japanese), but she was a snob before I knew her. However, driven by my curiosity, I read all of her entries. Through her writings, I just recognized she is just an honest person. She talks bluntly about what she likes and dislikes. As a girl, she has a cool appearance too with her ear piercings and dyed hair. She is an avid gamer. I know some good RPGs thanks to her. She is good at using photoshop and some of her graphics won the online contests. I also respect her effort to support her idols. She tried hard to purchase original CDs instead of downloading their songs ilegally.

The Second Girl

She has several similarities with the previous one. But, I’ve met her in the real life. Her interest of literary works attracts me. She reads a lot. I am pretty sure about that. She got a pretty face, fair complexion and all the physical qualities that considered good by the society’s standard. I adore her hard work. She is younger than me yet she has achieved so many things.  Her drawings are so good. She is one of my inspiration to achieve things.


As I grow older, most of my idols and inspirations are women. There are several people that may enter the list such as those good varsity debaters in Java island and IIUM, CL, Najwa Shihab, Gillian Flynn, Malala Yousfazai, Haruka Shimazaki. But, let’s call it a day.

Have a Saturday Night.


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